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The traction and Material Handling market is the most rapidly changing market in the world today. Historically, user needs continue growing. Keeping pace with technology, continually improving service to clients and improving operational efficiency has become a complex issue.

It is against this background that specialized financing has become more and more a factor of equipment usage. Existing methods of financing, although adequate, have not addressed the problems incurred in a continually changing market. In order to address these problems, the emphasis has changed from “What it would cost to buy?” to “What it would cost to use?” a computer system, photocopier or fax – at any given time.

It was to answer these questions that RENTAL FINANCING was developed and introduced to the computer and office automation market. Rental financing is aimed specifically at the computer/high technology and office automation market and caters for change over a period of time. It is therefore possible for users to expand their systems as needs indicates, and to do so without drastically affecting their budgets and cash flow.

Although flexibility is of major importance in any computer or office equipment installation, the rental package has further been designed to offer the greatest possible tax advantages, as well as to cater for the high inflation rate in the economy today. Structured financing allows savings in today’s money (the most expensive) and then allows inflation to erode the value of money over a period of time. This is not only more economically viable, but also improves return on the investment of the computer system and office equipment itself.

The Profin Policy is to ensure that clients are continually kept abreast of the latest financial developments in the computer and office automation market, and to address the individual needs of these clients. It is with this understanding of the industry that rental financing is offered on all computer systems and office equipment by Profin who specialise in various forms of asset financing.

Tailor-made financing packages are created depending on the client’s requirements to cater for cash flow and budget constraints, rent free periods, residual values, bullet payments, etc. An overview of the major aspects of the rental concept is included for your perusal.

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Benefits of a Rental:

  • No Cash / Capital outlay (Monthly Budget)
  • 100 % Tax Deductible – Operating Expense
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing
  • Upgrade Option
  • Ownership of equipment can revert to client at end of contract period
  • Pre-approval can be arranged. Facilities can then be put in place and utilized as required.

Terms and conditions apply