EXIDE Traction Batteries delivering high quality!


In many critical sectors batteries are an essential requirement to start electrically operated equipments and keep it going in absence of main power. Fork Lift Trucks in Material Handling Applications, Mining Locomotives, Golf Cart, Battery operated Electric Vehicles, Naval applications – all depend on Exide to fulfill their needs for Start up and Motive Power. Heat Sealed polypropylene Classic, Magnum & Gen-X batteries are specially made to meet international standards of Motive Power. Added to this are other benefits like low initial charging, safety, anti-corrosion, improved insulation and minimum electricity consumption, to name a few. They are available in ranges from 80Ah to 1200Ah and are aimed at Material Handling in the industrial sector.

Exide also offers a complete system of Automatic Water Filling – AUTOFIL (Topping-Up) of Lead Acid Batteries, 2-Volt Tubular batteries, Plante batteries – Exide AUTOFIL system is an intelligent and efficient alternative where replenishment of battery grade water is done automatically without manual intervention.

Starting with batteries for Fork Lift Trucks, Golf Carts, Electric Wheel Chairs, etc., Exide has steadily developed the technology for powering electric vehicles as well as water vessels driven by battery power. The special power-packs are considerably lighter and can be recharged faster than conventional batteries.